My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience

For years I was a sun worshiper, desperately trying to tan my fair skin.  The result of spending hour upon hour baking in the sun would always be the same: burn, peel, freckle, fade. The lasting result is sun damage that I have spent my most recent years trying to reverse.  Of course, the key ingredient to healthy skin is being diligent with your skincare routine; I also think that having a little extra help from treatments here and there is very beneficial.  So naturally, when I heard about Medical Aesthetic Concierge and a service they offer called ToxBooster, a treatment that combines my regular Botox injections with a VI Peel for maximum treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, I couldn’t book my appointment fast enough! I am excited to share my experience to help you decide if this treatment is right for you as well!

What is the ToxBooster?

ToxBooster is a combined, same-day treatment that involves the safe and painless VI Peel in conjunction with a neurotoxin injectable (Xeomin, Dysport, Botox) to enhance and extend beneficial results. The VI Peel treats acne, melasma, aging, hyperpigmentation, and scarring while increasing cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production for long-lasting results.  Following the VI Peel with a neurotoxin injection in one, this simple procedure not only helps soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles but creates a smooth, even skin texture.

What are the Benefits?

7-Day Transformation Includes:

  • > Refined Texture
  • > Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • > Improved Skin Tone
  • > Reduced Hyperpigmentation

My Experience

When I arrived at MAC for my treatment, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease.  All 3 providers have an extensive medical background and are highly trained on every service they offer. They have several locations around the CSRA and are planning to open even more to serve Augusta and the surrounding area better! Plus, they even have a mobile license, meaning if it’s not convenient for you to get to them, they will come to you!  Lindsey, the Nurse Practitioner who gave me my treatment, assessed my skin, explained the treatment thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. Then it was time to get started!

We began by cleansing my face with acetone. Acetone is used to make the skin more acidic because, pretty much, the cleaner and more acidic the skin, the more effective the peel will be!

After Lindsey cleansed my skin with acetone, it was ready for the first layer of the peel.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about how this was going to feel, and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not hurt at all!  I could tell something was going on, but it didn’t feel like any more than a slight tingle.

After the first layer of the peel was applied, Lindsey waited about 30 seconds-1 minute and then applied the second layer. Again, I did not have any discomfort.

She applied a total of 4 layers, during which I felt nothing more than a slight tingle!

When the peel was complete, I then had my Xeomin injection.  Xeomin is an injectable similar; the main difference being that Xeomin does not have protein additives. The lack of protein additives means that it may reduce antibody resistance to the treatment. That is important to me because I have been getting injections for years, and the last thing I want is for it to stop working! The areas I have treated are my crow’s feet, elevens between my eyes, above eyebrows, and a sprinkle on my forehead.


On the day of the treatment, I could not wear makeup or sweat heavily because that would interfere with the results.  However, my skin looked great! I felt so glowy and bronzed from the tint of the peel!

I also had to make sure not to have my face exposed to the sun for the 7 days following the treatment and to wear the SPF included in the take-home kit (more on that in a bit!)

The day of the peel and the day after, I had no peeling at all.  In fact, as I mentioned above, I felt like my skin looked beautiful and glowy. I began peeling around my mouth on day 3, and that continued into day 4.  On days 5 and 6, the peeling increased and moved to my upper cheeks and forehead.  By day 7, the peeling was complete, and I was left with tighter, brighter skin with much fewer brown spots and smaller pores! With just one treatment!


I was sent home with an aftercare kit that included everything I needed for the next 7 days.  Vi Peel even has an app that guides you every step of the way.  While at MAC, I downloaded the VI Peel app, selected my treatment and treatment time, so it knew exactly what I needed to do and when.  The kit included a gentle cleanser, 2 different post peel towelettes (both of which were used on day 1 of the peel), VI Derm Post Treatment Repaid Cream, and an SPF 50. I found the app to be beneficial and a plus of this peel as opposed to others.

I loved the ToxBooster treatment, and I can already see major changes in my skin, including reduced hyperpigmentation, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and smaller pores.  The treatment itself was quick and painless, and the girls at MAC could not be kinder or more educated on the services they offer! I am already looking forward to my next appointment with them!

  • Day of Peel - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair
  • Day 1 - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair
  • Day 3 - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair
  • Day 4 - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair
  • Day 5 - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair
  • After Peel - My VI Peel + Botox (ToxBooster) Experience Juniper Jair

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