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There is something about the warmer months that always make me want to get out of the house, pack up the car, and hit the road! Who am I kidding? I love to travel year-round, but my travel bug seems to kick into high gear when the days get longer. Whether we are beach-bound, going to visit family, or just taking a little family adventure, there are a few must-have travel essentials I never leave home without. I’ve been on a few trips recently and found myself packing the same few essentials over and over, so I thought I would share!


I have yet to find a razor that even compares to the Billie razor. Not only does it give a smooth shave, but it’s also extremely moisturizing, which is so important to me because I have very dry skin. I wouldn’t even consider being beach-bound without mine. I have the color flamingo, and it is so pretty and feminine. I also picked up the travel case, so I don’t have to worry about the blade being loose in my bag.

Make-Up Remover Wipes

I also always pack my Neutrogena make-up remover wipes. They are very gentle on my skin and great for taking off makeup, dirt, and oil after a long travel day. I love that they aren’t harsh on my skin, and they provide a little extra moisture because, hello, dry skin over here! You can even pack them in your carry-on and use them after you get off the plane for a fresh face!

Revisions Brightening Face Wash

My favorite face wash is the Brightening Face wash by Revisions Skincare. I would never even spend one night away from home without it! It is an ultra-rich cleanser packed full of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, plus brightening botanicals and radiance-boosting vitamin C. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and adds a little extra glow with every use. I use it morning and night as step 2 in my skincare routine.

Travel Case

I love anything that keeps my things organized, especially when traveling. I always feel a little discombobulated when not at home, but a great travel case helps ease that feeling. I love my Amazon travel bags because I can easily put my hands on what I am looking for because I can hang them in the hotel’s bathroom, and their compartments allow everything to stay and place and have great visibility. I also love that they are compact for packing convenience, which is always a win! Plus, they are super affordable and of great quality!

Sun Protection

I am all in on sun protection, so it’s no surprise that these two things are on this list. I can’t choose just one sunhat to be my favorite, but I can say what I look for in a sunhat. It absolutely must have a brim wide enough to cover my face and my chest.  I go back and forth between which hat is my favorite. Sometimes I want the open top because it is easier to pull my hair in a ponytail, and I can roll it up to throw in my beach bag, and sometimes I go for the one that covers my scalp.  Both are great!

EltaMD UV Active is my favorite sunscreen.  It is specially formulated for an active lifestyle.  It is also great for daily use for both adults and children.  It is a water-resistant (80 minutes) sunscreen that will not rinse off in water or drip into the eyes and sting. EltaMD UV Active is 19% zinc oxide, 4% Titanium dioxide, fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free, sensitivity-free, non-comedogenic, and safe for all skin types.

Another favorite SPF that I wear every single day on my face is Colorscience FaceShield Glow.  It is a vegan-friendly SPF50 that EnviroScreen Technology powers.  That means it gives you a healthy, natural glow, all while protecting your skin from environmental damage such as sun, pollution, blue light, and infrared radiation. It also means you get powerful antioxidants and minerals that have been proven to stop free radicals from forming.  So, while your skin looks healthy and fresh, you can bask in the glow of knowing you are preventing skin damage and premature aging.  Talk about a win/win!

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